This page tells you all possible methods of trying to contact me. Since I’m a person open for everyone, I’m willing to help you out with your problems except for things that are related about money as I belong to what rich people says as the ‘Poor Class’. As proof, I can’t even afford to buy my own domain or have a web-host which is why I currently use free services such as this Blogger Platform.

As the best method to contact me, I do suggest to send your inquiries to my email address provided below;

By contacting me through this email, rest assured that your email will never be spammed by me or be given away from a third party. Anyway, if you are afraid to send me an email then there are still several alternatives to send me your concerns.

When you have something to ask which is related to any of the topic being discussed, you may use the comment form that is embedded below at the end of every post. Take note that your comments will be moderated which allows me to respond into your concerns properly.

Social Networking Sites

There are plenty of Social Networking Sites out there and the most popularly used are Twitter and FaceBook. You may use any of these two services in trying to establish contact with me but sad to say that my response may take time as I do not often spend my time on such type of communities. Thus, if you want an immediate reply then I do suggest the email and comment method.

Other Methods

We may never know what’s the next technology or services that are going to be introduced in the future that enhance our means of communication. If something came out that happens to be an interesting method then I will definitely going to add them.

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