Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy page of this blog where it will explain to you how your data are being gathered through various means. In most cases, your data are being gathered by a third advertising companies. The reason why they have to gather data from your visit is to obtain information about your interest but limited to your name, email or any confidential details that you have.

As the author of ‘’ blog, it is my own responsibility and duty to protect your privacy at all times as you browse the contents of this blog. Thus, the following are the services that I use on how your data are being gathered;

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that most Bloggers use to track the number of their visitors. If you are also interested in using this tool then you can visit their site here.

What this tool does is it automatically records data such as the following;

1. Internet Protocol (IP)
2. Type of Browser
3. Internet Service Provider (ISP)
4. Referring Site
5. Exit and Entry Page
6. Date and Time of Visits
7. User’s Activity
8. Demographic Location
9. etc...

Since Google Analytics are being continuously improved, there are plenty of data being recorded by this tool on your visit. If you wanted to know more about these data then it's best to visit Google Analytic's website. Or, you may also want to visit Google Analytics' Privacy Policy page.

Automatically Generated Cookies

Most websites today are actually using Auto-Generated Cookies. Before we proceed, what exactly are cookies?

These are small files that are automatically created and stored on your computer’s temporary folder. Now, what the cookies does is that they collect data basing on your actions towards your visit into the site. On this case, you are interested about House Centipedes so this means that the owner of the cookie-file generated particularly by the third party ads will provide a Centipede related advertisements.

If you don’t trust those cookies to be somewhat malicious, there are three choices that you may want to do. First, browse the suspected cookie file from your OS system way through the temporary folder. You can open the file from a Note Pad to check the information that has been stored but in most cases the information are encrypted. If this is the case then you may proceed to the second step. You have to visit the owner of that particular cookie that you would like to investigate then contact the administrator or support. Your last option would be to block the ad responsible for generating the suspected malicious cookie.

Google have a good and clear discussion about cookies on this site. I suggest that you read it to learn more about cookies.

External Links

Since there are tons of other sites or blogs out there that also discusses about centipedes, you will find some external links pointing you to another different but related sites. However, you have to be aware that once you leave this site, you are no longer covered by the Privacy Policy stated on this page. Thus, it is advised that you should also read their Privacy Policy statements as it may be different from what has been stated in here.

Advertising Companies

As a blogger with a passion to write interesting subjects, it would be a good opportunity to earn some extra cash from this hobby. This is done through advertising services and products on a free space of this site’s pages. Currently, this blog is being monetized through Google Adsense.

To more about how Google collects data, you should read Googles Advertising Privacy Policy page.

Finally, if you do have any concerns or anything that you may want to ask related about this Privacy Policy page you can reach me through the email provided below;

This Privacy Policy has been last updated on September 6, 2014.