Pregnant Women and Unborn Baby Died | Insect Bite

In Kuala Selangor, there was an incident where a pregnant women along with her unborn child had died from a centipede bite.

According to the news report, the whole incident occurred when Azlina Saian (33 years-old) got bitten by a centipede. Unfortunately, she didn't know what kind of insect had actually bit her. She simply thought that it was an ant so she simply laid down on the floor and watched on the television with her husband.


The biting incident occurred inside their house in Kampung Tanjung siam Baru on December 29th. Both husband and wife thought that the bit was caused by just an ordinary insect. So the husband Abdul Rahman Samad (37 years-old) had instructed her wife to apply some ointment-disinfectant.

After a few hours later, Azlina's face started to swell then followed by a high fever.

In the next early morning, some worker came to clean their house and claimed that she found some small centipedes on Azlina's pillow. The pillow that the victim used from the time that she got bitten.

In the next following day, Azlina's condition became a lot more worse where she started to bleed from the gums. Due to such serious symptoms, her husband rushed her into the Tanjung Karang Hospital. And from that same time, Azlina claims that she can feel their baby dying.

After some physical examinations from the clinical doctors, they had a bad news to Abdul Rahman. The fetus carried by her wife had died. But, the problem didn't end there yet. Azlina's condition even become more severe that she was transferred into a better hospital, Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR) in Klang.

According to the further statement of Abdul Rahman, her wife was bleeding a lot on her nose including under her fingernails which was a very strange case for a centipede bite. Her body even refuses blood transfusion. As a result, Azlina died at exactly 8:15 AM. Based from HTAT director, Dr. Yahaya Baba, she died from "Septicaemic" (blood poisoning) and shock which is also known as "Septic Shock".

Blood Poisoning

In your own opinion, do you think that the venom of a house centipede is capable of causing blood poisoning? And, could it possibly be that Azlina was bitten by some other kind of unknown insect?

So what's your own opinion guys?

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