Dangerous Centipedes in the Philippines

Despite the fact that most species of centipedes does not possess a deadly threat to humans and animals, you will be surprised to know that this seems to be quite untrue. It's because there was a certain report in the Philippines claiming that a certain centipede had bitten a 7 year-old girl right on her head. As a result, she end up dead after 29 hours period.

The centipede that had bitten the poor girl was probably a rare and undiscovered kind. Some researchers actually claims that it is probably a newly evolved type of centipede. You have to know that these creatures are continuously evolving at a fast-rate that scientists are being able to record new species every year.

According to the clinical doctors, a centipede bite will only cause some serious pain to the victim which is an effect of the creature's venom. Once the pain goes away, the victim will recover from the shock so as the swelling wound which may take several days. Although, the centipede's bite can be lethal to those who are allergic to the bite.

Going back into the case of the young girl, the doctors claimed that she doesn't had any allergies to insect bites. Based on their medical findings, the centipede had injected a large amount of venom into the child's bloodstream which was sufficient enough that got her killed.

Centipede Species in the Philippines

Philippines have a lot of naturally preserved regions that are covered with thick forest. It is also a tropical country that often experiences heavy rainfall. Due to these type of environment, it is a perfect habitat for any kinds of insects to thrive such as the centipedes.

Philippine Forest
The Philippine Forest
According to the some researchers, most species of centipedes that are found in the Philippines are the "Scolopendra Subspinipes". They are the same type of species that are found in South and Central America.

Other more common names of centipedes found in the Philippines are the following:

1. Chinese Red Head
2. Giant Centipede
3. Jungle Centipede
4. Orange Legged-Centipede
5. Red-Headed Centipede
6. Vietnamese Centipede

Latest reports claimed that there are 54 species of millipedes and 44 species of centipedes that has been discovered in the Philippines. These 44 species of centipedes varies in several different aspects such as colors, sizes and appearances. But, the most common and famous among them all is the Scolopendra Subspinipes where they have been recognized by many people due to their terrifying looks and aggressive behavior.

The Scolopendra Subspinipes specie of centipedes that inhabits the forest regions of the Philippines can grow at an average length of up to 30 centimeters long and 1 centimeters thick. And, finding one of them is actually an easy task. All you have to do is to search dump areas with rotten woods or leaves. Although, you really have to be careful because they can aggressively attack and bite your hands. Thus, you should always wear protective gloves when attempting to catch these kinds of creatures.

Colors of Scolopendra Centipedes

Philippine's own version of Scolopendra Subspinipes centipedes comes in several different colors. But, the most common color that can be easily spotted around are those with brown colors. Some interesting colors are yellow, green, red and bright orange. These are the type of colors that most centipede pet-owners would like to own.

According to some researchers, centipedes with bright colors possess more potent venom as compared to those with brown color. Despite the danger involve, bright colored centipedes are considered by most exotic pet-owners as a beautiful pet. Due to this reason, some people purposely collect and sell them for their profitable gain.

How Painful is Philippine's Scolopendra Subspinipes Bite?

The bigger the size of the Scolopendra centipede, the larger amount of venom that it can inject into its victim. Assuming that you got bitten by a large and fully matured centipede, there is no doubt that you will suffer an agonizing pain more than enough to make you cry no matter how tough you claim you are.

Along with the pain, the following symptoms may also be observed:

1. Swelling and redness of the wound
2. Deafness
3. Headaches
4. Nausea

Being bitten by Scolopendra centipedes can be really very uncomfortable that some people think that they are about to die. But the real fact is that, the pain will go away after a few hours of rest but the swelling and redness may take more time to heal. So whenever you encounter one of these kinds of giant centipedes, it is highly advised not to touch it or you will suffer a painful consequence.


  1. I just found out that my home I'm build is now crawling with millipedes all over my house. They are on the floor and crawling on the walls. I there any that will get rid of them and keep them away?

    1. Try to find cut their food supply and they themselves will go away on their own.

  2. Ive been bitten by green or black color centipede does the venom of that kind ofcentipede can do even worst?

  3. I just got bitten by a centipede this morning while I was asleep. It was not that big, maybe 2 inches long. But it was very painful. What I worry the most is that my dauther which is 4 years old is sleeping right beside us(my wife). I can't seem to find a faster way to get rid of them.

  4. Before i see a rare color of centipede, crawling, at me. It size is like worm in vegetable, i think it black with blue stripe,when i squeez it by my hands its color goes to my hands. And its blood, is blue,