Tips On How To Get Rid Of House Centipedes

Learning every possible ways on "how to get rid of house centipedes" is crucial especially when your home is already infested by these creepy crawling insects. And, the best method to get rid of them successfully is to learn everything about them.

Centipedes actually prefers a natural habitat that is moist with decomposing matters such as leaf litter and rotting wood. But in some other cases, centipedes can also find shelter inside homes.

Because centipedes inhabit moist areas, they are commonly found in homes within compost piles, between bricks and in garages. Unfinished basements and unclean bathrooms are also common places to find centipedes due to the wet conditions which these insects can thrive on.

In order for you to be able to identify a centipede, have a careful look into the insect's appearance. It should probably have a size that goes around 2 to 3 inches with a common type of color which is reddish-brown. And one of their interesting quality is that, they seem like the fastest insect on Earth as they can quickly run out from your sight when they feel threatened.

House centipede

The main reason why centipedes invades homes is that, they actually prey and consume on other pests that is hardly seen as beneficial but a nuisance.

According to some professional insect exterminators that I had asked, the first step on eliminating infestation is to understand the main cause. In most cases, the reason is the presence of abundant food that they need for survival.

Once the main cause has been identified, there are several steps that still follows to completely eliminate these pesky intruders.

Preventing House Centipede Infestation

Home owners are encouraged to check doors and windows for any cracks or openings. And also, to properly ventilate basements and garages to prevent excess moisture.

Additionally, homeowners are encouraged to perform the following tips for an early prevention of house centipede infestation:

1. Seal all cracks that you can find on the walls (both interior and exterior) of your home.


2. Allow proper drainage of moist areas.

Moist Area

3. Keep compost and gardens away from home.


House centipedes are actually harmless type of insects to humans. To tell you, they do not bite or feed on any household appliances which makes them really not a threat. But despite of them being harmless, centipedes can live up to 6 years of age. So if they are not eliminated, their numbers will eventually grow which is the problem.

In times of desperate elimination, chemicals such as "Borax" or insecticides like "Talstar" are claimed by some individuals as an effective product for eliminating the pesky intruders (You have to be very extra careful when using pesticide products. Read and understand the instructions before using any of them). However, it is still best recommended that homeowners should look into the source or main habitat of the insect to permanently stop them from coming back.

Other Basic Methods on How to Get Rid of House Centipedes

Hiring services of professional insect exterminators can be really quite expensive on your pocket. Although, their services are still best suggested if house centipede infestation around your house goes out of control.

But, if the infestation is not that too much to be of a serious concern then you may want to do these following basic methods on how to get rid of house centipedes on your own:

1. Capture and kill the centipedes

If you do not have any phobia or simply you are not afraid to face a centipede then you might want to consider killing them using hard objects that you can grab with your hands. Use that object to smash the insect as you watch it get splattered on the floor or wall.

Fly Swatters

But if you do respect them, you can capture the centipede by placing them into a glass-jar. You can then release them outside far from your house where they won't be able to find their way back. Although, there's still very high chances that they will be able to come back.

2. Sticky Traps

A "sticky trap" is a sheet of paper with a very sticky or glue surface on one of its side. If it happens that an insect unknowingly walked through the sticky surface of the trap, it will get stuck that the more the insect attempt to struggle the more of its entire body gets glued.

Sticky trap is best placed at the corner where centipedes are often observed hanging around.

3. Cut-off their Food Supply

All methods of getting rid house centipedes is rendered useless unless you are able to find out the main reason why they are invading your house. And as already mentioned above, the common reason is the presence of the food that they need for their survival.

Centipede Food

If it happens that you managed to cut-off their food supply, there is no need to deal with them in a harsh way. They themselves will either starve to death or decides to move-out from your house to search for food in some other places.

Overall, if it came to the point that you really do not know what to do then your final option is to seek help from the professional insect exterminators.

Professional Insect Exterminator Services

Insect exterminators are individuals with a lot of experiences dealing with different types of insect infestations. Aside from house centipedes, they also handle other insects such as ants, termites, bed bugs and etc...

One good reason why you should require their services is that, aside from their experiences, they have the complete tools and skills that will surely terminate the insects with 99 percentage that they will no longer coming back to bother you again. It's because they will not only exterminate the insects but also their hidden eggs.

Other than their job of exterminating the infestations around your house, they will also give you further instructions and tips on how to prevent other group of insects from attempting to invade your house.

Moreover, do you have a tip of your own on how to get rid of house centipedes that has not been mentioned on this discussion? If you do then I would really love to hear them it out. Please use the Comment Form below.

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  1. lol i seen one centipede crawl out of my addic door ( Which is right above my bed :'( ) and it was spooky. I really hate bugs and think they are annoying, but my suggestion is if they decide to crawl into your room then just go under your blanket and block off all openings. If you are worried about air just open a safe hole when you can.