Do House Centipedes Bite a Sleeping Person?

If it happens that your house is hardly infested with house centipedes, you might have already experienced where these insects disturbed your comfortable-sleep several times. There may also be some cases that they crawled under your shirt and even onto your face. Worst, they bit you where you woke up crying in pain.

So the question is, "Do house centipedes really intentionally bite a sleeping person?".

House centipedes are low-intelligent life-forms. This means that they don't have the capability to think like us. They are simply acting according to their natural behavior which is to keep hunting for their food. So in the first place, they really don't intend to harm humans. Although, they may fight back when feel threatened.

When a house centipede crawl onto your body, you will be perfectly fine as long as you remain stable on your sleeping position. However, it is impossible for anyone not to move or change sleeping positions from time-to-time. So if it happens that a centipede crawled under your shirt and you moved at a position where you squeezed the insect, you will surely get bitten.

Sleeping Comfortably

Anyway, there are still some possible ways on how to prevent house centipedes from crawling onto your body while you are asleep. Here are some of the following effective tips that might work:

1. Turn the Lights ON

Centipedes are afraid of bright environment. So if you sleep with the lights turned ON, they won't even dare to come close near you. Although, your electric bill will add up.

2. Shake Everything before you Sleep

Shake everything on your bed which include your pillow, bed sheet and bedding. This is to get rid of the any possible centipedes hiding underneath them.

3. Pray for your Safety

If you have a certain religion that you believe then include in your prayers about your safety against centipede bites throughout the whole night.

House Centipede Inside the Mouth of a Sleeping Individual

Is it really possible that a house centipede may choose to get inside the mouth of a certain sleeping individual?

There was a guy who claimed to have a habit of unconsciously opening his mouth when fallen asleep. And since his room was fully infested with house centipedes, he was always worried that a centipede might crawl inside and worse, the insect could bite either his tongue or gums.

The probability that a house centipede will crawl inside a sleeping individual's mouth is very low. But, it could still happen. Thus, it's always best to find a solution because it's better to be safe than sorry.

If it happens that you are suffering from this kind of condition, some medical experts claim that you can use a handkerchief and tie it from your jaw around your head. First, roll your handkerchief then place the middle portion of it below your jaw then wrap the two ends around your head. Second, tie both ends on the top of your head. Although, this method is not recommended for those who have trouble breathing in their nose (particularly those who are suffering from sinus problems).

The best method though is actually, to get rid of the house centipedes. It's because once you completely got rid of them, you can safely sleep at any comfortable position.


  1. Disgusting, and now I will sleep with the light on!

  2. It happened to me. I rolled over in bed and got bitten on my side by a centipede. I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I want to know if I buy a real bed will they be able to climb up

    1. Yes. It will take them about two seconds longer though.

  3. Ive experinced this 6 times i always wake up in the middle of thr night and feel something crawling on my body and just as i suspected its another centipede..

  4. One crawled on my older sister! She freaked.

  5. I woke up awhile ago to a house centipede having been on my face. I always keep my bedroom light on! Regardless, I felt something ticklish on my nostril and brushed it off like it was hair. Instinctively opened my eyes to see the multi legged bugger an inch from me on the pillow. Plus many times in the past I've watched them run across a room with lights on. Believe me, lights are no deterrent!!

    1. sadly, those creepy bugs are always crawling around in my room, no where else... i havent slept in my room for a while because i got scared that it would craw onto my bed at night. nobody else in my house sees them, it’s like they go after me. and i’m only 13, so i hate any kind of insect..

  6. They are really freaking us out . On the beds, in the kitchen, out of the bathroom drains, everywhere! Especially at night.no just saw a viddo where a centipede crawled out of a boy's ear. It's freaking me out as in type. And Lightson are no deterrents. What can I do.

  7. It's the sixth time in my life I've encountered a centipede during sleep, and the fifth time I've been bitten in sleep. I got bitten a while ago. Just curious if it's common.