Hawaiian Centipedes | Largest Centipede Species in Hawaii

When it comes to Hawaii, the first impression by most individual is a beautiful place like a paradise. But, you may be surprised to know that it is also the home of the largest species of centipede that is on the current record of the scientists. The average length of a fully matured Hawaiian centipede can actually grow between 5 to 9 inches long. Although, there were some witnesses who claimed that they have even seen longer sizes.

Since Hawaii is a tourist attraction, most of the vacationers are the once who often encounters large crawling centipedes either inside or outside their rooms. And as their natural reaction, they usually panic in fear that the insect might bite them. As for the permanent residents, they already got used to the presence of these large sized centipedes around their surroundings.

Hawaii is highly populated with large centipedes that the residents have developed the habit of ensuring their safety from getting bitten (Hawaiian centipede bite can actually inflict the most excruciating pain as compared to all other centipede species). So when they go out, it became a common practice that they always shake or inspect their clothing before wearing them. You may be surprised to know that there were already countless number of individuals that got bitten by the insect by simply "not checking" and directly wearing their clothes.

There was actually one reported incident that went viral around the internet which involved a Hawaiian centipede and a certain guy who went surfing on the beach. According to the report, he was a tourist who took a vacation along with his friends in Hawaii.

Due to their excitement, the victim removed and thrown his jeans onto the floor then immediately wore his board-shorts for surfing. He and his friends then went surfing where they enjoyed and had so much fan until they came back. Unfortunately, the victim wasn't aware that a centipede crawled inside his pants but being unaware about the presence of the insect, he wore it. As a result he got bitten by the creature.

According to the report, the victim was bitten three to four times starting from his thigh down to his ankle. These bites had immediately sent him into the hospital for treatment.

While crying in pain, none of his friends didn't even attempt to help the victim in fear that the centipede may also bite them.

Origin of the Hawaiian Centipedes

Large crawling centipedes of Hawaii didn't really originated from the country itself where it was introduced by the Polynesian Voyagers in 1847. And, it was not just introduced in Hawaii but also the entire Pacific and Tropical regions. Until now, their purpose for introducing these pesky insects remains unknown.

Hawaiian Large Centipede

Moreover, Hawaiian centipedes thrives on warm and dry areas. So when it rains, it stirs them from their hideouts to come out and crawl all over various places. Thus, it is common to encounter them under tarps, plant pots, car tires or any objects on the floor that can provide cover for the insects to hide.

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