Revenge of the House Centipedes

It is actually very funny that some people who encountered a house centipede and killed them have develop a sense of fear that the insect's companions will seek revenge for their fallen comrade. So the question is, "Do house centipede really knows how to seek revenge?".

Before we answer that question, let me share you some interesting experiences of different individuals regarding about this subject.

1. A Mother who Protected her Baby

A certain mother's house was crawling with centipedes. Until, there was one time that a 2 inches long house centipede came close enough to her baby. Being too protective that the insect will harm her baby, she immediately nailed the crawling insect down on the floor.

After taking the life of the many legged-creature, the mother had develop a sense of fear that the family or relatives of the centipede that she killed might come back to seek for revenge.

2. A Guy who Smashed a Centipede

There was a guy who was about to fall asleep. When he was about to close his eyes, a house centipede had suddenly crawled on the ceiling of his bedroom. He thought that the centipede was planning on jumping over his face to he immediately woke up and smashed the centipede with his own fist.

From that time on-wards, he keeps on seeing more centipedes gathering around his room with the feeling of fear that they seem to be waiting for the perfect opportunity to take revenge from their fallen comrade.

3. A Person who Killed Several Centipedes

A certain person had moved into an old apartment where he wasn't expecting it to be infested with house centipedes. Since the only possible option he had was to smash the insects, he was able to take down several of them. Yet, the centipedes seems to have an endless number. In short, they keep on coming back running around the corners, walls and ceiling.

According to this person, one of the centipede had bitten his right hand during the first night of his sleep on his newly rented apartment. He thought that the insects were taking their revenge so early in the morning, he packed all of his things and left.

Not Intelligent

Now to answer the question above, house centipedes are not intelligent creatures. They don't have the feeling or emotion that can anger them to seek revenge against those who killed one of their kind. Even a mother centipede who aggressively protect its offspring or eggs won't bother seeking for revenge if it happens that you killed its offspring or destroyed its eggs.

Overall, house centipedes taking their revenge is just an over exaggeration of a certain individual's own interpretation with his or her surroundings.

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