The Human Centipede | First and Full Sequence

Is it really possible to create a human centipede?

If you want some possible answers then you should watch the movie entitled "The Human Centipede". From the time of this post, there were two films that has already been released in the past. They are the "First Sequence" back in 2009 and the "Full Sequence" in 2011.

Summary Plot of the Two Movies

First Sequence (2009) Movie

There were two American lovely ladies who were traveling for a vacation in Europe namely "Lindsay" and "Jenny".

When they arrived in Germany, they met a friendly waiter who had invited them to a party which was to be held in the nightclub called "Bunker". The two ladies immediately accepted the invitation without bothering to ask for more details about the location of the place.

The two ladies had rented a car and set themselves out for the party. However, they got lost on their way around where they found themselves somewhere in the middle of a forest roadway. Worst, they had a flat tire and they were even lazy enough to replace it.

They simply waited for somebody to come but they turned-down the first person that could help them because he seems like not a trustable person. Unfortunately, no one came around so they had decided to go out and explored the forest.

Lindsay and Jenny were so happy to find a huge house situated in the middle of the forest not knowing that it was owned by a psychopathic mad scientist doctor.

When Lindsay and Jenny came knocking at the door's house, the psychopath named "Joseph Heiter" had warmly welcomed them. The two thought that he was a good guy until the mad scientist drugged them to sleep.

When the two girls regained their consciousness back, they found themselves tied on beds inside a laboratory located at the psychopath's house basement.

After awhile, Dr. Heiter brought another tourist who was a Japanese named "Katsuro".

And when everybody was awake, Dr. Heiter revealed them his plan of creating a human centipede and they were his specimens. The process was that, he will connect them through their mouth and anuses.

Was Dr. Heiter successful on his operation?

You've better watch the movie.

My Personal Opinion about The First Sequence

The first sequel had ended with a lot of mystery especially to what happened to the last lady that survived. Did somebody came into the house and rescued her? Or, did she later died in the room? Anyway, it is better to assume that the fellow authorities of those two investigators came looking for them. Then, there they found the lady and helped her out.

As for my personal opinion about this movie, Dr. Heiter lack some personal background. Who was he? Doesn't he had any family members? Why did he ended up as a psychopathic doctor with the urge of creating a human centipede? Why not spider or some other kind of insects?

Considering that he has a family, they could have helped him with his mental disorder but not unless he murdered them all. But if this was the case, the authorities will probably find out about it.

Full Sequence (2011)

On this second sequel of the movie, it features a guy named "Martin" who lives along with his mother in a Bleak Housing Project. He was just an ordinary guy around working as a night shift security guard from an underground parking complex. However, this guy was a mentally disturbed loner that made him became a psychopath.

His psychopathic behavior started when he finally losses himself after watching the horror film "The Human Centipede - First Sequence". Martin was so greatly inspired by the film in which he attempts the unthinkable of creating his own version of human centipede.

My Personal Opinion about the Full Sequence

I totally agree to the part that some movies can inspire viewers either in a good or bad way. However, Martin was influenced by the film in a very bad way that made him turned into a complete psychopath. He was even worse than Dr. Heiter where he had a total of 12 specimens.

My opinion regarding about this second sequel of the movie is that, it's actually better than the first. It's because Martin displayed a lot more psychopathic behavior where he broke Dr. Heiter's record composing of only three segments of human centipede.

Real Human Centipede

In reality, is it really possible to create a human centipede?

The answer is "Yes", it is possible. Humans can be sewn together connecting them through their mount and anuses just like in the movie. But the real question here is that, "Will they be able to survive long enough?".

Since they are interconnected from the mouth and anuses, the only lucky individual that can survive is the one on the front. Those that are behind has the risk of dying due to the feces and urines that they are forced to eat or consume. You have to know that feces are toxic body wastes that when consumed by humans, it leads into a serious type of illness that can even cause death.

Overall, human centipede is medically possible to be achieve when done the right way. Although, not in a way as what has been portrayed in those two movies. But surely, such kind of human experiment is mentally impossible to handle. It is very disgusting!

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