Effective Pesky Insect Repellents

There are actually plenty of "house centipede repellent" products that are available in the market. The only problem is choosing the right product that can effectively work against the pests. You also have to consider the contents of the product if it's either safe or toxic.

Toxic Repellents are products that are not friendly to the environment. They can affect your health and animals who are exposed on their contents. It is for this reason why only professional Insect Exterminators can use them the right way.

For home owners or regular individuals, it is highly suggested to use the "Natural Friendly" type of repellents. It's because you don't have to worry about your family members and pets as you get rid of those pesky bugs.

Insect Repellent

Here are the following house centipede repellents that are best recommended by many home owners to be quite effective against various insects:

1. Victor M256 Poison - Free Insect Magnet Traps

Magnet traps does not only catch house centipedes but also other crawling insects that roams around such as cockroaches, spiders, ants and etc... The best feature of this product is that, it's "Poison-Free".

In order to use it, take one sheet of the magnet trap then strip it apart into two separate traps. Situate your traps into the corner or the favorite place of the insects where they love to hung around. Some common places are the kitchen, inside cabinets and dark & dirty corners of the room.

After setting up the trap, all you have to do now is to wait for at least 3 to 4 days. If it happens that your magnet traps didn't caught anything then move it into another different location.

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2. EcoPCO AR-X

"EcoPCO AR-X" is one of the few eco-friendly insecticide products that are available in the market today. It is a multi-purpose insecticide spray that is capable of exterminating various pests. Some of these pests includes house centipedes, ants, carpet beetles, carpenter bees, moths, mites, spiders, termites and etc...

Here are the following good features of EcoPCO AR-X:

a. It does not leave any visible residue.
b. It quickly knocks the insects down.
c. Great for school IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

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3. FireBack Bedbug and Insect Spray

For those who easily get's irritated by the strong odor of insecticide products, here comes the "FireBack Bedbug and Insect Spray" which features "no unpleasant" odor to the user. Other than that, it's content also does not cause any stains when accidentally applied on a piece of cloth. Overall, this insect-spray repellent can be used both indoor and outdoor.

According to some users of this insect repellent product, it can terminate insects such as centipedes, bedbugs, ants, beetles, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, ticks, flies, wasps and etc...

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4. Bed Bug FixTM

"Bed Bug FixTM" manufacturers had designed this insect repellent product as green and environmentally friendly. It's because it can be used even when there are children, pets and plants around. It is actually due to the reason that it non-toxic, non-flammable, bio-degradable, non-staining, food-derived and voluntary type of product.

When applied to an insect, Bed Bug FixTM's has a special content that will remain in contact with the creature which is lethal for up to 90 days. It is due to this reason why this product has a high-guarantee of terminating insects.

Despite of the product's name (which was derived from bed bugs), it can actually exterminate all sorts of other pesky insects.

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5. Pro-Citra DL Aerosol

You may be surprised to know that the "Pro-Citra DL Aerosol" is an insect repellent that are made of organic chemicals which can be found on fruits and various plants. Some of the contents come from citrus, vegetables, meats, spices and other types of fruits.

Some insects which Pro-Citra DL Aerosol has been proven effective are the ants, house centipedes, boxelder bugs, chocolate moths, clover mites, cluster flies, crickets and dermestids. When sprayed into these kinds of insects, you will notice a fast-acting result. In addition to its effectiveness, it has a fresh type of odor.

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